Helena Jackson Lloyd has exhibited consistently for the past 15 years including 9 solo shows and numerous group shows. Her focus is landscape and a desire to successfully take the experience of her en plein air work into studio paintings. “Virtually every part of the Australian landscape has been subject to modification through human intervention. While it still retains a unique character and quality…(my desire) is to capture the forces at play, the pressures faced, and what they’re represent… to create an interpretation that is relevant to the present day and the future.”

Joanne Duckworth and Jacqueline Sanderson, who will share a year-long mentorship, are both emerging artists, looking to develop their ability to question, explore, and critique their art practices.

Duckworth is currently studying the last two units toward a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art). She explored the effects of transient light at dawn and dusk in her
final BA Fine Art project, The Water’s Edge. She combined seawater and watercolour pigment to paint close-up views of tide line treasure and expanding panoramas of the seaside atmosphere. This year she intends on returning to explorations of the human figure.

And Sanderson completed her BA in Visual Arts in 1995 and has been studying undergraduate Psychology part time for the past 4 years. She is committed to documenting socio/cultural diversity, particularly the influences of collectivistic and individualistic cultures on identity integration and its broader consequences. Sanderson uses a combination of sustainable practice and recycled/ found objects from nature to expand her appreciation and knowledge of art’s purpose in a regional community, and how it translates within urban society and culture.

The 12-month scholarships, presented by Sunshine Coast Creative Alliance together with artist, Margaret Ellen Turner, will be capped by an exhibition next July.