Showtime’ by Ann & Gerry O’Connor

This remarkable couple have been lifetime partners and share a studio, but have maintained their individual approaches to clay.

Gerry O’Connorworks in the Western approach to Raku creating intriguing figures and mesmerising glazes. “It is the branch of ceramics that fires my imagination and suits my personality. I love its directness, vigour and colour. I create more decorative and sculptural items” he explains.

Ann O’Connor uses white clay as the basis for her intricately sculpted figurative works and bright underglazes to great effect. There is joy and mischief in much of it and sheer wonderment at the detail.

“Showtime” is a new collection of works drawn from burlesque to baroque, but also encompasses the meaning of the ceramicists putting themselves on show too. All of it is entertaining and engaging.

Official opening Saturday October 7th at 3.00pm by artist Fiona McCarron. All welcome!