SCCA Sponsorship

SCCA is supporting the delivery of arts events in the Noosa and Sunshine Coast Council area by partnering with other not for profit arts and cultural organisations on the coast. Before the end of June 2021, we will invest $1,000 in three organisations to deliver arts events on the Sunshine Coast in 2021.

Applications open Mon 29 March and close Mon 19 April. Decision will be made no later than mid May 2021.

Sponsorship criteria

  • The event is to be presented by a registered not for profit arts and cultural organisation
  • The event is to take place on the Sunshine Coast and open to the public
  • The event aligns with SCCA’s purpose
  • The event compliments and extends SCCA’s services to its key stakeholders
  • The application is for an amount no greater than $1000.00 ex GST
  • SCCA’s contribution is no more than 20% of the total event budget
  • The event is to take place within a specified time period – end of 2021 for F21 investments
  • SCCA will receive a promotional benefit in return for the investment





  1. My event is in the Noosa / Sunshine Coast area however the organisation is located elsewhere, are we still eligible for sponsorship?
    No, the organisation and the event needs to be located in the Noosa or Sunshine Coast council’s area.
  2. We are not an arts organisation however the event we are presenting incorporates music other artistic disciplines. Is the event eligible for sponsorship?
    No, SCCA is directing its sponsorship to arts organisations in this round.
  3. Our organisation is not a registered not for profit, can we use an auspicing body?
    No, we are looking to partner directly with organisational peers.
  4. Can we include in-kind investment in the budget?
    Yes but this needs to be reasonable and SCCA can’t be the only source of cash funds.
  5. Our organisation has applied for a grant however we are yet to know whether this application will be successful. Are we eligible to apply?
    The outcome of the grant needs to be known by mid April, before the assessments are made, in order for the application to be eligible.
  6. What are examples of benefits SCCA is looking to receive in return for its sponsorship?
    SCCA is looking to have visibility at the event and credit for the sponsorship. Examples of how this can be done include, logo inclusion in promotional collateral, opportunity to promote SCCA activities