Remix Academy – Creative Cities

The Creative Alliance is pleased to support a special one-day REMIX Academy event on the Sunshine Coast where leading urbanists will explore the ingredients needed to nurture creative cities and communities. Cities around the globe are striving to create innovation districts and grow the creative industries – but how do we move beyond the cookie cutter approach of trying to replicate the ‘Silicon Valley model’ towards building a more complex creative ecology with arts and culture embedded at their core – a formula which is driving the growth of the creative industries and the tech sectors of cities such as Berlin, London and New York.

Hear from:

  • Andrew Kalish, Director of Cultural Development at Downtown Brooklyn Partnership. Recently named one of the 100 most influential people in Brooklyn culture, Andrew is a key figure in the development of the renowned Brooklyn Cultural District, one of the world’s leading urban creative hubs.
  • Hannah Barry, one of the UK’s leading creative innovators joins us to tell us the story behind the incredibleBold Tendencies which transformed a disused multi-storey car park in Peckham into a cutting-edge contemporary art gallery and dynamic urban social space responsible for turning the area into one of London’s leading creative locations.
  • Jonathan Robinson, Co-Founder & Director of Impact Hubs also joins the conversation. Arguably the most successful co-working movement globally, Impact Hubs provide physical spaces in over 80 global cities to over 15,000 members offering access to events, knowledge, investment and tools to help start and grow social enterprises.

The event also features:

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