PechaKucha Vol.29: TRANSFORM


Sunshine Coast PechaKucha Night #29 – Transform – Work, lives, identities, realities!

Sharing stories about the ways people transform or have been transformed through creativity, using the signature PechaKucha Night format of 20 slides X 20 seconds each.

Place: Solbar Maroochydore
Date: Tuesday 18 June
Time: 5.30 for 6.00 pm start
Tickets: $15.00 / $10.00 members/concession

Sunshine Coast PechaKucha Nights are supported through Sunshine Coast and Noosa Council’s RADF programs in association with Arts Queensland. PechaKucha Night was designed and shared by Klein Dytham Architecture.
Poster by Paper Amy & Brendan Beale

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PechaKucha Vol.29 Presenters include

Fiona in the Women's Shed workshop

Fiona Sykes (McComb) from Coolum Women’s Shed

Fiona is self employed and runs a family operated design company on the Sunshine Coast, She has her own clothing label making sustainable fashion from organic fabrics. Fiona has always been involved in volunteering on the Sunshine Coast and The Womens Shed at Coolum is her latest venture. This stems from the many conversations she has had with various ages of women wanting inclusion and support in various areas of life.

Fiona will be presenting about the womens shed journey which is a very young venture but began with one idea. It has grown from the idea of sharing a pottery wheel to a database of 700 women wanting to be involved in everything from pottery to pilates to cooking classes and everything in between.

Margery and Michael

Margery and Michael Forde

Margery and Michael have each worked in theatre for over forty years as actors and playwrights. Their plays have received Australian Writers Guild Awards and the New South Wales Premier’s Literary Award. The creation of their plays has often involved going into communities, talking to people, and using their actual words to create theatre. This is called verbatim theatre. Their verbatim plays include “Behind the Cane” about the descendants of South Sea Islanders in Bowen brought here to work in the sugar plantations – a shadowy part of our history; “Snapshots from Home” – memories of those on the home front in WW2; and” Way Out West” – stories from Queensland’s heartbreak corner. Their work on verbatim theatre has been the subject of a PhD Thesis by Dr. Brent Downes. 

For PKN#29 they will be telling you about their play “Cribbie” It’s the story of Brisbane’s vanished suburb Cribb Island – resumed to make way for the new Brisbane Airport in the 1980’s. In a short time they hope to share something of the spirit of the ex-Cribbie residents they talked to – and the transformative effect of verbatim theatre. Cribbie is gone but not forgotten!

Carolyna Lovely

Carolyna Lovely

Carolyna Lovely is a professional songwriter and a film-maker, living and working in Reesville (Maleny), who has filmed six 10 minute segments documenting the lives of some of our regions celebrated artists and creative practitioners. Combining these segments into a one-hour documentary, Carolyna’s production company, Isn’t She Lovely, will present ‘What I Know Now – a Storyteller’s Documentary’, feature 6 of our senior artists from the Sunshine Coast. The artists she is working are: Ken Munsie, Rescued assemblage; Peter Hudson, Painter; Judy Barass, Traditional and New Media artist; Stephen Lang, Author; Irish Joe Lynch, Poet and Storyteller; and Margaret Taylor, Opera Singer and Conductor.

Check her Facebook page for ‘What I Know Now’

Wallea Eaglehawk

Wallea Eaglehawk

Wallea is a sociologist, writer and an arts administrator. Wallea academically writes about Korean masculinities, K-Pop, Celebritism and Korean boyband BTS. Wallea has also published a range of articles about the self – from how to achieve big goals to how to love yourself better. Wallea’s aim is to inspire and uplift with her social theory and stories… and to pass off watching music videos as social research.

Wallea’s presentation will be about how she consciously recreated herself through creative practice; how a little step each day helped her to transform her identity, work and life.

(BTW, Wallea is also an up and coming creative producer working on projects with our sister organisation ‘Creative Arts Alliance’ and the awesome Katie Edmiston)

Dr. Teressa Smith

Dr. Teressa Schmidt

Just recently being transformed to become Dr. Teressa Schmidt, we’ve convinced Associate Vice-Chancellor (CQUniversity, Noosa/Sunshine Coast Region) to share her story!

Teressa is a small town escapee and long term Sunshine Coast local with a tenure of more than 30 years. She is also a frustrated creative who resisted the call to teach for many years, by taking up various different careers before eventually succumbing to a teaching role at TAFE. Since then, her obsessive personality has turned to investigating teaching and teachers, and tonight’s presentation will celebrate the role of the ‘good teacher’ in transforming the lives and minds of their students.

Sheridan Stewart

Sheridan Stewart

And this is the woman who pitched the theme for PKN#29 so she absolutely had to be a presenter! We are proud as punch to have the incomparable Sheridan Stewart on the bill! Sheridan Stewart is a popular radio broadcaster, keynote speaker and MC/Chair for major festivals, concerts, and cultural events. Sheridan came to the Sunshine Coast 3 year ago and currently presents the regional drive program for ABC Radio Queensland. Sheridan is also a writer who likes goats and chooks.

Mieke Van den Berg

Mieke Van Den Berg

Mieke is a Dutch-born Australian Visual-Interdisciplinary Artist who has been painting murals for 25 years, and that is the commercial side of her practice. However a huge transformation has taken place over the past three years, as she has moved into disciplines she hadn’t even heard of before. Her focus is connecting art with people and place and is a response to our disconnection from our direct environment, while simultaneously being digitally connected to the entire world. Her work is driven by the process, movement, collaboration, recording of time, and mark making. She has recently completed a Draw to Perform Residency in Brighton UK where another major transformation has taken place. This opportunity allowed her to expand her network of collaborative artists internationally and gain valuable performance and technical skills in this dynamic artistic discipline of drawing performance.

Go Mieke! (photos by Manja Williams)

Sue Moore

Sue Moore

Sue Moore is a health and wellness coach, speaker, writer and founder of Inside Out International. Sue was diagnosed with MS in October 2014 when it was discovered she had 8 lesions on her brain and was numb down the right hand side of her body. During the next 9 months she was able to reverse it. She defied the odds and completed her first marathon at Gold Coast in July 2015. Through her work Sue inspires, empowers and educates people to heal themselves from the ‘inside out’, Sue believes it’s possible to turn your challenges into your biggest victories.

The Wildlings Forest School

Nicki and Vicci of Wildlings Forest School

Taking time out from their ‘Refinery’ incubator process we are looking forward to hearing from Nicki and Vicci of Wildlings Forest School at PKN#29!

Nicki Farrell and Vicci Oliver are two high school teachers who became disenfranchised with the education system and decided to take matters into their own hands, The result is Wildlings Forest School, a business that offers a variety of programs where children gather outdoors in nature. They are nature play, free play, risky play and adventure play advocates and protectors of childhood.

The pair have been fortunate to win a space at The Refinery, a 10 week creative incubator currently running in partnership with Creative Alliance to work on growing and transforming Wildlings Forest School nationally. 

The two will be speaking about their transformation from high school teachers to home-school teachers; about how they transformed a free playgroup into a thriving business, which in turn transformed their community and why our education system and views on children need to transform if we want to raise healthy happy children.


Sunshine Coast PechaKucha Nights are supported through Central Queensland University and Sunshine Coast and Noosa Council’s RADF programs in association with Arts Queensland. PechaKucha Night was designed and shared by Klein Dytham Architecture.

This PechaKucha Night’s poster is featuring gorgeous paper transformations by ‘Paper Amy’ (PKN #28 alumni), with the poster created in partnership with Brendan Beale!