Arts Front are building a national network of artists, thinkers and change agents within Australia, to give voice in challenging present arts and cultural policy. Currently, the project is developing campaigns to improve awareness in the value of the arts in our community. Future vision is focussed toward building strategic alliances in key non-arts sectors (health, education, environment) and growing the awareness and visibility of this vital project.

As creatives working in community we know that new approaches are needed for meaningful change. We must apply artistic thinking and continually challenge our own actions to ensure that everyone has a voice and is engaged. Arts Front are working to ensure that young and independent artists have a voice in determining the future and that First Peoples culture and arts practice underpins our community.

Arts Front host gatherings and workshops to discuss the impact and value of these activities and the role of artists/activists/educationalists/environmentalists in increasing the capacity of our community to reshape our global society. Finally, we have an artist-lead movement that is building arts and cultural leadership and creating a vision to reshape Australia’s cultural future.

The Creative Alliance is proudly in collaborating with Feral Arts to host some of leaders of Arts Front at our next Juice and Jam Breakfast on April 13th. Come along, join the conversation and become a part of Arts Front.