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HoneyBird | Metropolis proudly presented by Eumundi Live …

A multi-faceted live production of music and film… re-imagining the artistic vision and striking meaning of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, the prescient 1927 film about a foreboding future. In this new rock-opera, the story takes place in a highly stylised futuristic city where a beautiful, exotic utopia exists above a depressing underworld populated by faceless, mistreated workers. Audiences today can identify with the film’s deeper moral desires and the underlying political themes, which today still resonate.

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This work will incorporate this magnificent film underpinned by a live music performance by HoneyBird. Special guests include Ami Carney on drums and percussion, Jon May on keys, and distinguished local violinist Matisse Williment (Music Captain at Sunshine Beach High) with her string quartet ‘Adiamus’. Plus an updated narrative arc for this classic by Ian Golding.

The score, developed by HoneyBird will include original tracks from their 2013 album ‘A Golden Thread’, some unlikely covers reinterpreted to convey new meaning, as well as new HoneyBird thematic instrumentals and motifs specially written for this film. HoneyBird’s songwriting aim is to convey the production’s intended message; drawing parallels from then to now, awakening contemporary audiences to societal issues, as well as taking this film to a new level, a sensory experience.

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