Heart & Soul – Juice & Jam Arts Breakfast

Guest Presenters:
Welcome by Lyndon Davis & Brent Miller – Gubbi Gubbi Dancers
#Maz McGann Arts Advisor, Cultural Indicators Project Manager
#Linsey Pollak Musician, Composer, Instrument-Maker, Music Director

The Breakfast will also include a facilitated workshop by CQU to gather initial ideas and input into what will become the Sunshine Coast Council’s Arts Plan. So come along and have your say!

o $40 non-members
o $35 for members
o $160 for a table of 5

Bookings (essential) incl buffet breakfast.

Limited subsidised tickets are on offer for emerging artists and community groups. Price on application to:phil@creativealliance.org.au pH 0408 721 339

Please note bookings attract an additional $2.79 transaction fee/head.

This event is supported by Sunshine Coast Council.