Good Chats #8

Our monthly Good Chats series is held at Sub Tropic Studio in Caloundra, and we have the brilliant Seven Miles Coffee Roasters on board to make us delicious free coffees on the day!


About the Speakers:

Luke John Matthew Arnold (joining us virtually via Zoom)
Luke John Matthew Arnold is a name hog and a multi-disciplinary visual artist and illustrator. During Luke’s university days he explored social stereotypes and how words, objects, symbols and colours can be interpreted and challenged, with a strong focus on masculinity and sexuality. During this time he created jewellery, textile sculptures and book art.

Posting his illustrations on Instagram, Luke found himself immersed in a community of artists, performers and organisations that all shared the same ethos of equality, inclusivity and giving often tough ideas a sunnier visual representation. Luke’s proudest moment so far was lending his artwork to the Australian Marriage Equality campaign, with his fists and rainbows sprinkling local pubs, clubs and streets.

The support of his illustrations has given Luke the resources to revisit his 3D art making once more. Luke is now working on bringing his illustrations to life, still with the primary focus being sexuality, the stereotypes that surround it and his personal experience growing up uncomfortably gay in the Sutho Shire.

Shyanne Clarke
Shyanne is an artist, illustrator, muralist, palm lover and teacher at Art School Co. To meet Shyanne is to find her barefoot, windswept by salt spray from the ocean, treading softly down a path of her own making to the beat of a mixed tape playlist, paintbrush in her hand.

To follow her journey is to visit her dreams: a fusion of surf culture, 90’s nostalgia and florals – whether it’s graced skateboard or oracle decks, international labels or murals beside her favourite boutiques. You can experience her magic firsthand through her workshops, prints and guest appearances on podcasts and panels.