Good Chats #12

Our monthly Good Chats is back, but this month is a little different.. instead of our usual spot at Sub Tropic Studio, this month we will be presenting Good Chats at USC Maker Space, University of the Sunshine Coast. Join us and hear from two incredible women doing brilliant work in the design space and beyond.


About the Speakers:

Amelia Shaw
Amelia is a graphic designer and co-founder of Ebb + Flow Studio, a boutique studio who exist to help honest brands grow the footprint and impact they have by provoking thought, communicating with intent and creating sustainable value.

Cherie Allan
Cherie is a graphic designer who creates beautiful brands and connections through thoughtful design. Growing up with a love for drawing and painting, Cherie chose to pursue a career in Graphic Design. She has been her own boss for 5 years and the freedom of freelancing has taken her around the world whilst running her business. She has a special spot in her heart for branding and print design, and loves getting to meet new people through work.