Expression of Interest > Position of Secretary with the Creative Alliance

EXPRESSION OF INTEREST > Position of Secretary with the Creative Alliance

The Sunshine Coast Creative Alliance (SCCA) is the peak arts body for our region. We are a dynamic non-profit association formed with the aim of promoting creative enterprise and artistic expression as drivers of innovation, business, culture and regional identity here on the Coast.

The Creative Alliance runs a number of exciting events and projects through the year that network the Sunshine Coast arts community, advocate for the value of arts and showcase the work of local artists. We are looking to expand our organisation over the next 3 years with some exciting goals to meet.

We are currently looking to fill the role of secretary on our Board with someone keen to contribute to the arts community. The position is open to anyone interested in helping to build a vibrant culture of creativity on the Coast.

The position of secretary is an important one on our volunteer Board. SCCA’s Constitution describes some of the the functions of the secretary role as:

  • Calling for meetings of the Alliance, including preparing notices of meetings;
  • Keeping minutes of meetings;
  • Keeping copies of correspondence and filing online; and
  • Working with existing Board members to maintain the register of the members.

The of secreatry role is not an onerous one, requiring attendance at monthly Board Meetings and CA events. Volunteers could expect to contribute 1-2 hours a week outside of meetings. But any successful candidate would not be working on their own but part of an energetic and committed team.

If you are interested, please contact the President Phil Smith on 0408 721 339 or