Creative Photography for Beginners Course


This is the course for the beginner looking to develop a deeper understanding of photography as a means of creative expression. It can also be an ideal starting point for those hoping to pursue a professional career in photography. The course is structured as a series of workshops built around the students own photographic projects and explores a variety of professional and artistic techniques.

Monica Leibich, Cleo Magazine, 1972

Monica Leibich, Cleo Magazine, 1972

This course is designed to provide a thorough introduction to photography not only the technical aspects of camera function but it also addresses the creative aspects of composition, camera angles and working with diverse subjects and the most important issue of all working creatively with the essential Paintbox of photography working with LIGHT.

The first workshop series introduces students to the functions of their basic photographic tool the camera. Many people will be using their cameras on automatic settings and often achieving acceptable results. However, there is no possible way that automatic settings can consistently and creatively interpret light to subtly and dramatically convey a complex message or story whether it is of people or landscape. To achieve this requires the imaginative control of the tools the photographer is using. The following is a detailed list of topics covered by the course.

The course includes
Understanding the camera.
F-stops and shutter speeds
Understanding focal length
Working with depth of field
Using camera functions to work creatively with light.
Creative composition
Developing narrative (The camera as storyteller)
Photographing people (Formal and candid portraiture)

Creative Photographer 01 provides the foundation for further studies in photography

4 sessions of 3 hours duration Total cost $ 450

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