Business Hot Topics Weekend Workshop for Entrepreneurs

June 12-14 2015 Weekend Workshop starting midday Friday 12th, throughSaturday 13th June till approximately1pm Sunday 14th.

The highlights include:

  • Hot seating your business
  • Breakout workshops
  • Practical tips
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Guest presenters

Hot topics include:

  • How to harness digital marketing and social media
    • Where are you spending?
    • Is it working?
    • Marketing tools
    • Websites
    • Search engine optimisation
    • Social media
  • Improving cash flow management
    • Where is the money coming from?
    • Where is the money going?
    • Cash flow forecasting
    • Business & personal budgeting
    • Succession planning
  • Developing your personal brand
    • Are you an expert��_��__��_?
    • Are you trying to do everything yourself?
    • Do you need help?
  • Identifying your Tribe��_��__��_
    • Who are your customers?
    • Customer relations?
    • How do customers value you?
  • Developing new channels to your customers
    • Strategic alliances
    • Channel partners
  • Preparing for the future
    • Is my business model viable into the future
    • What should I be watching for?
  • Modelling your business
    • What does my business look like?
    • Am I in control of all aspects of my business?
  • Creating new products or services
    • Can I create more products or services?
  • Building new revenue streams
    • Can I add extra value to my products or services?

Full 3 day cost: $ 750

For Bookings: